Friday, February 18, 2011

Needle Bound Episode 2: Spring Is In The Air

Alternate Title: Drink when I say Fabulous

Cameo by Sammy

Hermiones Everyday Socks
Calorimetryesque Headband
Circular Scrubby

220 Fingerless Mitts

Twisted Flower (Flower FAIL!)

In Search of Stash
BadAmy Knits Lucky Pot o Gold

Knit Quote
As ye sew, so shall ye rip. ~Unknown

In other crafts
Box Bag DONE!
Drawstring Bag Tutorial 1 & Tutorial 2
Cathedral Quilt


My Thoughts
Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers
John Fielder Photography
Thank You!!! All of the encouragement is awesome.


  1. AWESOME job Lizzie! Love it! Your quilt is amazing and your bag looks fantastic! I'm itching for spring too - I think recording outside this spring is a great idea. I love CO!

  2. You are so sweet to mention me on the show - big hug!!! I think your Stroll Tonal would make a beautiful Multnomah shawl. That is one of my favorites and it is a really nice size. Your box bag came out great, and that fabric for the straw string bags is to die for. Gorgeous.

  3. Way to go on your bag, and your quilt is fabulous! I started lapquilting a quilt for my son years ago. It was going to be a John Deere themed quilt. Never finished it. Sigh. I can't remember how many squares I got done before hibernating it. I'm not even sure where it is now! LOL BTW, the lighting in this episode was much better.

  4. oh, I really like the box bag! The quilt is fun! I agree with, Erin, outside recording would be nice. I love Winter but I am craving Spring pretty hard right now.

  5. Your box bag looks great! Thanks for the links for those in the previous post I'm going to check them out :) Great episode, loved seeing your Pet friend in there and an outside episode would be awesome!!! See ya next week!

  6. Aww Sammy is a sweet one!
    Love that scrubby! I just knit (by requst) another washcloth for my sister for her birthday. I usually try to pair it up with a soap from Lush or something too. I like to tie it with a fancy ribbon but if I have to mail it I don't usually do that because I apparently suck at packing boxes and it ends up a hot mess by the time it arrives.
    Loved your episode and nice to meet you!

  7. I really enjoy your show. Also, you have amazing sewing skills. Your choice in fabrics and ideas are great. I know that I would definitely buy both a box bag and drawstring bag, so you should consider that. Your quilt is beautiful.

    Keep podcasting!